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Podcast Interview with George Bryant

Podcast #9 with George Bryant - PTSD, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitivisation & Reproccessing) & Other Alternate Remedies

Today I interview a guy I’ve only recently got to know, having joined his business mastermind a couple months back.

His name is George Bryant and he’s a digital marketing guru in the US.

He’s also an incredibly authentic human being, open with his own journey in the hope that it will help others, as well as himself. 

George talks candidly about his (to say the least) challenging upbringing, his time in the military, the consequent Post Traumatic Stress Disorder he suffers, and the strategies including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitivisation & Reproccessing) therapy he's used to recover.

He was a delight to chat too, a kindred spirit on the path to mental wellness, and someone who I’ve come to respect hugely.