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Welcome...To The Present Moment

Do you find you spend too much time in your own head?

Perhaps you spend a lot of time analysing the PAST? Things you've done, or haven't done? Or should have done but didn't?

How about worrying about the FUTURE? What you think you need to do to "get there"? A happy place destination that is your holy grail?

Are you easily distracted by your phone or computer, losing precious time down social media or other screen-based rabbit trails?

Would you simply like to find INNER PEACE?

Hey - I'm Jeremy - and I want to help you find that peace in the present moment, through the practice of mindfulness.

That's me above, taking some time out to journal. Journalling is a GREAT way to be present - but we'll cover that later in this course.

What I'd like you to do is to STOP being in your own head for so much of your precious, limited time here on this planet, and to take a step in the direction of peace, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

Is that something you think you can do? Take a simple step in that direction?

And if you need 

If so, click on #1 below, and take your first mindful moment, out of your head, for today.

If you need guidance or support, please reach out to me - I'm here to help.