Need some PEACE? Try my 2 Minute Chill.


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Our Mindfulness Mugs are the perfect way to imbibe your favorite hot drink, with subtle reminders to "Breathe" and "Taste & Savor" whilst you're enjoying your hot tea or coffee.

Feel our spiral icon embossed on the side of each mug, reminding you to bring your busy mind (the swirls at the bottom) to a point of focus (the peak at the top), the present moment, and the peace you can find in that space.

Beautifully gift-boxed, they make superb presents for friends or family who are into yoga, meditation, mindfulness, or simply for those busy folks you know that need to be reminded to stop and smell the roses every once in a while.

Available in Chocolate Brown for that yoga bloke you know, Pastel Pink for that meditation chick, or Sky Blue for anyone that's new!

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