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Do you suffer from high levels of stress, or anxiety?

To alleviate those symptoms, try using the anchoring process as described in the video below.


Below is the guided audio for the anchoring process - you can use it with whatever your preferred anchoring object is, be that a small gemstone, an aromatherapy necklace, a bracelet of some sort...anything that you can carry on your person and that is easily accessible:



Alternatively, use it with our specially-designed anxiety bracelets which include...

  • An enlarged, sandalwood gurubead to pinch between your thumb and index finger for a the “kinesthetic”  or "touch" anchor; and
  • A series of lavastones on which to drip your preferred essential oil - for an “olfactory” or "smell" anchor

...using more than one anchor in the same process will improve the robustness of said anchor.


Our 6-bracelet or 3-bracelet sets

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