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What Are Anxiety Bracelets and How Do They Work?

Anxiety bracelets are made up of beads placed in a row along some kind of string.

That might seem like a simple concept, but there is much more to an anxiety bracelet than an aesthetically pleasing piece of jewelry. The features of anxiety bracelets can differ, but the idea is to have something you can wear anywhere with you that will provide you with support if an anxiety or panic attack hits. Since these bracelets are easily portable, they are not limited to only providing support at home.

How Anxiety Bracelets Work

When you face that state of anxiety, you can turn to your bracelet. In the case of our Be Here Now anxiety bracelets, they provide calming in a number of ways. The beads are gemstones and lava stones that are associated with anxiety-relieving properties. Also, you can add essential oils to the absorbent lava stones to gain their calming benefits.

And our Be Here Now bracelets are distinguished from others because we use a guided meditation to help you anchor your senses to the bracelet. Once you have done this, touching and smelling the bracelet will return your mind to a state of peace you have found during the meditation.

You can focus on the bracelet during times of general anxiety or stress, as well as to help you when you’re stuck in a panic or anxiety attack. Through repeated use, it’s even possible to retrain your brain to respond in a healthier way to anxiety going forward. Anxiety bracelets can provide a natural method of anxiety relief if you’re looking for a drug-free alternative, or they could be used as a complement to medical treatment for anxiety.

The Evolution of Beads

When you look deeper, it’s not such a weird idea for people to use a beaded bracelet to help with a current state of mind or for purposes beyond their aesthetic appeal. After all, this is something we’ve been doing throughout human history.

The use of beads goes back so far into human history that we don’t even know for sure when it began. The earliest beads that we know of are thought to be about 100,000 years old, made of sea snail shells. We have also found shell beads at separate sites that date to 75,000 and 40,000 years ago. The oldest known recording of beads used for religious purposes dates back to the 1600s BC.

It’s thought that the earliest beads were used for ornamentation, yet it’s also theorized that beads were one of our first forms of human trade and a key element in developing language.

Uses of Beads

Over time, humans have found many uses for beads, including ornamentation, trade, worry, symbolism, religion, ceremony, games and meditation. We still follow many of these uses, and the idea has expanded to modern anxiety bracelets.

Prayer beads have long been used across different cultures and religions, with symbolism and prayers attached to them. The prayer beads can be used to repeat prayers without needing to count how many times you say it, allowing you to put your focus on the words of the prayer and a state of reflection. Mala beads are used in a similar way to help you focus on meditation instead of counting mantras.

Worry beads offer another version that is particularly found in Greek culture. The idea is to rub the beads with your hands in specific ways to relax as well as to pass the time. They are also used in a symbolic way to protect against bad luck and to show prestige, as well as within a ritual for husbands on their wedding night and to create musical sounds.

Modern Beaded Bracelets for Anxiety

When you learn more about the history of beads, it’s easy to see anxiety bracelets as another version of this important part of human life. Aspects of modern society contribute to states of anxiety, so maybe we look to beads for relief rather than turning to beads for other purposes.

Whether our connection to beads throughout human history has something to do with the power of anxiety bracelets or not, these beaded bracelets provide multiple benefits at once to help you get through a state of anxiety.

And our Be Here Now beaded bracelets go further than the beads themselves. Through the concept of anchoring, our bracelets can transport your mind to a state of tranquility simply by touching and smelling your bracelet.

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