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How Anxiety Bracelets Work

Anxiety bracelets are made up of a mixture of beads, both gemstones and lava stones. These bracelets can provide a state of calm when you’re facing anxiety. They work in a number of ways, with one of the main components coming down to the beads themselves.  

If we look closer at this idea, we can see that anxiety bracelets follow a history of using beads to help people during times of difficulty. Humans have long used worry beads and prayer beads, so using beads within an anxiety bracelet is a similar concept.

Do anxiety bracelets really work? Is it the beads providing the benefit? Let’s take a closer look.

Healing Properties of Gemstones

While anxiety bracelets may be beneficial because they allow you to focus on the beads and clear your mind, similar to worry or prayer beads, they may also work because of the materials of the beads they contain. The type of anxiety bracelet we’re referring to are made of gemstones that are associated with healing properties.

This benefit is not backed by science in the same way that other benefits of anxiety bracelets are. Yet that doesn’t mean you should discount the potential healing power of gemstones. Many natural and alternative health practices have not been proven by scientific studies, yet in many cases they haven’t been extensively studied to see whether they work or not. In other cases, it’s hard to tell how they might work to improve health or results remain inconclusive.

Just because something isn’t proven doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. There are many healing methods that have been used by people for hundreds and even thousands of years without being backed by modern science and medicine. There may be something to their use that we don’t quite understand. After all, at one point or another, the scientific and medical fields scoffed at methods that they now embrace today.

Whether or not gemstones really work remains to be seen. Yet even if they are not scientifically proven, they may work for you if you believe they will, through the power of the mind.

Anxiety-Relieving Gemstones

Distinct gemstones and rocks have been associated with certain characteristics throughout history. Many are still used today within certain practices such as alternative medicine. We chose the gemstones in our bracelets for their specific purposes of helping anxiety or related benefits.

These are the stones we use and the attributes they’re connected to:

  • Tiger’s Eye: Promoting a clear mind and overcoming anxiety and fear
  • Rose Quartz: Encouraging love for yourself and healing within yourself
  • Amethyst: Relieving sadness, grief and negativity
  • White Howlite: Stimulating awareness and emotional expression
  • Blue Howlite: Opening yourself to calming and higher wisdom
  • Lapis Lazuli: Alleviating stress and depression

We sell our anxiety bracelets in sets of three or a set of all six together. The sets of three feature your choice of rose quartz, amethyst and tiger’s eye together or lapis lazuli, blue howlite and white howlite together. The center bead of each bracelet features our logo that encourages you to be here now. This sandalwood bead also has its own purpose to use touch as part of an anchoring mindset process. The specific gemstones are bordered by lava stones that absorb essential oils to help you anchor as well.

Do Lava Beads Help with Anxiety?

Many anxiety bracelets, including the ones from Be Here Now, include lava stones. Lava beads provide their own healing properties, just like various gemstones. As a material that comes from the earth, they are associated with grounding, stability, calming and rebirth. These are ideal qualities for handling an anxiety or panic attack.

Nonetheless, the lava beads are also beneficial because of their ability to absorb and hold essential oils, which are concentrated natural oils that come from plants and can relieve anxiety through the sense of smell.

Read more about using anxiety bracelets with essential oils.

Combined Benefits of Anxiety Bracelets

Regular anxiety bracelets use the properties of the gemstones and essential oils for their potential to help anxiety. Our Be Here Now anxiety bracelets provide an additional purpose that makes them unique. We take the benefits of these bracelets a major step further by incorporating a mindset technique. Read more about how to use our anxiety bracelets with the concept of neuro-linguistic programming - a fancy term for changing your mindset.

Overall, anxiety bracelets can help anxiety in a number of ways. The beads themselves provide one of the benefits, while they are made even more powerful through essential oils and anchoring.

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