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Anxiety Bracelets that Work in the Moment

When you’re having an anxiety or panic attack, you need strategies that will help you in that moment. A lot of advice people give to just calm down or to take deep breaths doesn’t help enough…or at all…in those moments when you need the most help.

It’s good to expect that you could have an attack at some point again and to be prepared for it. Anxiety bracelets can give you a tool that calms and centers you when you’re lost in a state of anxiety. You’ll find varying types of anxiety bracelets on the market that work in different ways.

Our Be Here Now anxiety bracelets give you the calming benefits of healing gemstones and aromatherapy, and our method also stands apart from the crowd through the use of a powerful mindset technique you can use with your bracelet. We incorporate our bracelets into a state of anchoring, which is one form of neuro-linguistic programming, a science-backed way of changing your brain in a positive way.

Let’s talk more about how this works.

Changing the Brain

The brain has the capacity to change and to rewire itself into new pathways through a process called neuroplasticity. The change can create healthier patterns or lead to unhealthy patterns. What’s important is that we can use this knowledge to encourage the change to be a positive one.

This is incredible news that has the potential to help people with anxiety retrain their brains to react differently than they're used to. Using techniques that encourage this can help in that moment during an anxiety or panic attack, and then, if you do them with enough consistency, your brain can learn to react in this healthier way going forward.

What does this have to do with anxiety bracelets?

With the bracelets, we can use a technique called neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP, which is just a complex name for helping your unconscious mind understand your goals and be on the same page as your conscious mind. NLP provides one way to change your brain in a positive way.

Your unconscious mind doesn’t experience life in the same way as your conscious brain, and it doesn’t always understand what you want, especially because you might be saying you want something while at the same time having an underlying fear or doubt about it. You can communicate with your unconscious mind with NLP, which uses various techniques like guided visualizations.

The NLP method we use with our Be Here Now anxiety bracelets is called anchoring. You use your senses to impact your mind and emotions.

How to Calm Anxiety with Anchoring

We created a process you can use with your Be Here Now anxiety bracelets to anchor yourself whenever you’re facing a state of anxiety or stress. You anchor a sense of peace and tranquility with the senses of smell and touch through the bracelets.

We provide a guided meditation that will put you into a relaxed state. Within that state, we’ll help you anchor or associate the touch and smell of the bracelet with this calm state of mind. We incorporate the sense of touch by encouraging you to hold the large sandalwood gurubead in the center of the bracelet between your thumb and forefinger. We use the sense of smell by having you add an essential oil of your choice to the porous lava stones on the bracelet.

By using more than one sense at the same time, we create a more powerful anchor to support you during states of anxiety. Our anchoring process sets our anxiety bracelets apart from the rest, which rely solely on beads, inspiring messages and/or aromatherapy. This anchoring process makes our bracelets more helpful to you during tough times.

Anchoring can provide a powerful way for you to get through an intense anxiety or panic attack in that moment. As you know when you’ve faced this type of mental state, it can be extremely tough to get through it, and sometimes nothing you try helps. That will change with the anxiety bracelet. After you have formed the connection between your bracelet and a calm state of mind, you will only need to touch and smell the bracelet to achieve that state of calm again. This will help you during an attack, and the more you do it, the more you’ll train your brain to relax when it faces anxiety or stress. That’s powerful.

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