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Why Mindfulness Is A Superpower

“Hyper-aware” is how I would describe one state I get into when meditating, and sometimes when simply being mindful.

“Frustrated”, “annoyed” and most certainly “not zen”, depending on how busy my mind happens to be at the time I sit down, are other states I get into.

You can manage the risk of the latter happening by choosing times conducive to a quieter mind eg. first thing in the morning, before everyone else wakes up. Or last thing at night, after a cup of warm hot chocolate at least half an hour after you’ve turned all your screens off. But these are only my suggestions – you’ll know when’s right for you.

But getting back to my “hyper-awareness” – I have no idea whether this is a state I “should” be experiencing when meditating – for starters I don’t like using the word “should” – but I know it’s one where I’m feeling a sense of peace, calm, and a definite decrease in discernible “thinking”.

And when I say “thinking”, I’m talking about “thoughts” about stuff – my work, my relationships, what I’m cooking for dinner tonight, why it took so long to drop the kids off this morning etc. etc…

When there is less “thinking” and more of a conscious, sensory awareness - of the sounds around me, of feeling parts of my body touching the pillow I am sitting on, or of the sense of aliveness within my body or hands – that is when I’m starting to feel “hyper-aware”.

And from listening to wiser souls than my own – Tara Brach is currently my favorite – I get the feeling I’m on the right track.

The only other state I can compare it to, that some folks may be able to relate to, is being stoned on marijuana.

Now I’m not advocating smoking weed, but I’ve smoked it in the past and a stoned state of awareness is similar to my meditative or mindful hyper-aware state.

When you’re listening to music whilst stoned – really APPRECIATING the melodies, getting LOST in the cadence, feeling “TUNED IN” to the music – that is akin to the hyper-aware state you can achieve whilst meditating.

And if you don’t want to smoke weed, why wouldn’t you want to reach that state through meditation instead? It’s amazing…

Honing in on that state of hyper-awareness, experiencing longer stretches of that state in between the non-sensory “thoughts” arising, that is why I practice meditation and mindfulness.

And the more I practice it in dedicated meditation, the more easily I can turn to it in everyday life. Because that is “non-thinking”.

And that, for me, is one of the keys to inner peace and therefore a superpower.

Stay Zen -

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