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Why Anxiety Happens?

Your brain is the #1 cause.

Wow, that’s super-easy to say. But surely it’s not that simple?

Yes it is.

YOUR thoughts are what cause your anxiety, however those thoughts originated.

You could claim that a biochemical imbalance in your physiology, your hormones, perhaps genetics are to blame.

You could say that it’s social, environmental or familial conditioning that’s lead to a programming of your brain that you have no control over. That anxiety automatically results from brain programming that you had no control over.

But you’re disempowering yourself by allowing these thoughts to persuade you.

You are NOT your thoughts, but you ARE responsible for your relationship to your thoughts.

And you CAN change that relationship. You CAN tame your brain.

You just need to decide that you’re going to do it.

And I’m here to provide you with a set of tools to do just that. And here’s Tool #1.

Tool #1 – You Are Not Your Thoughts

Your relationship to your thoughts is what creates your reality.

Getting some distance between your thoughts and the calm, powerful, REAL you is what we're going to start working on today.

But before we start, I'd like you to try something - it'll take just a moment...

Please take a long, deep breath in through your nose, counting slowly to 4 as you do so, feeling the cold air on the inside of your nostrils, your chest and belly swelling...

Hold that breath at the top for a count of 2…then slowly, consciously release that air back out through your pursed lips for a slow count of 8, creating an audible “phew” between your lips as you do so.

Now do that again -breathe in through your nose for a slow count of 4. Hold at the top for a slow count of 2. Breathe out between pursed lips for a slow count of 8.

And once more. In for 4. Hold for 2. Out for 8.

That should be 3 breaths in total.

And then tell me – what have you been thinking about in the last 30 seconds?

The breathing exercise right?

You just created the first gap between the calm, powerful REAL you, and your thoughts.

And you didn’t even know you were doing it.

As well as creating that gap, you were ALSO doing what is called 2-1 breathing...which decreases nerve activity in the sympathetic nervous system (the system that arouses the body for physical activity and exertion) ...and increases the influence of the more quieting parasympathetic nervous system, which regulates the relaxation response.

And in doing so you just found the first chink in your anxiety’s armor - a mindful breathing technique to create a break from your thoughts that also has a physiological effect on your body.

You’ve just taken the first step. And over the coming days I’m going to help you to continue to stick a dagger deep into that chink.

I’m going to help you OWN your anxiety.

I’m going to help you find PEACE and EMPOWERMENT, firstly through present moment awareness, and later on through a bunch of other strategies that will also assist you.

Do YOU want peace & empowerment?

I've got you.

PS. Please take advantage of my FREE 8-Day Anxiety Relief Program if you've not done so already - sign up above!

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